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Coll It: Teamwork

We're Creating Cherished Celebrations Throughout CT & Beyond!

The Coll it Entertaining Team includes these individuals below.
Be sure to say hello when you see them on-site at your event!


Founder, Owner & Lead Planner


Colleen's journey into the world of event planning was deeply influenced by her upbringing in the close-knit community of Niantic, CT. She inherited her passion for entertaining from her mother, Eileen Wilson, who had a remarkable knack for creating an atmosphere of warmth and inclusivity, where everyone felt like family – whether they were friends or even strangers. This foundation of hospitality, love, and connection shaped Colleen's aspirations and set her on a path to making others feel cherished through the art of celebration.

Colleen's aspirations solidified when she pursued a Master's degree in Higher Education/Student Affairs. This academic pursuit led her to Fairfield University, where she channeled her passion for event planning into organizing a wide range of gatherings for students, families, and alumni. Over a decade, she meticulously crafted experiences that ranged from intimate get-togethers to grand events, all with a common thread of professionalism and unwavering enthusiasm. Her devotion to perfecting every detail was evident regardless of the event's size.


Inspired by her own personal journey, Colleen embarked on the mission to share her talents with families in Connecticut who wished to celebrate their special occasions without the stress of managing every intricate aspect. The turning point came when Colleen and her now-husband faced the challenge of planning their own wedding amidst the global pandemic. Despite the hurdles, they persevered, adapting their plans to meet COVID guidelines, and reimagining their entire wedding weekend. The result was a day that exceeded their wildest expectations, showcasing Colleen's ability to turn adversity into something extraordinary.


With her firsthand experience and an impressive background of over 15 years in event planning, Colleen is uniquely positioned to guide and assist in crafting your perfect celebration. Whether you envision a lively party, a heartfelt celebration, a long-awaited reunion, or a romantic wedding, Coll It Entertaining is dedicated to transforming your dreams into reality. Colleen's expertise will ensure that your event is meticulously organized, reflecting your personal style and preferences.


Colleen's story is one of passion, perseverance, and the desire to create cherished moments for others. With Coll It Entertaining, you can entrust your special occasion to a professional who not only understands the intricacies of event planning but also possesses the heart to make your celebration an unforgettable experience.

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