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Small Business
"Welcome to the Neighborhood Events"

When opening a new business or relocating its important
to introduce yourself to the neighborhood!


Let Coll It Entertaining help you:

1. Get your name out into the community
2. Bring in prospective clients that can become regular customers
3. Provide new customers with more reasons to return

Coll It Entertaining will:

  • Get to know business owners and what makes their business unique

  • Work with owners to determine best event date 

  • Assist with marketing event date and overall business to prospective clients

  • Bring at least 30 people to neighborhood event

  • Provide space for owners to introduce themselves and speak to the mission of business

  • Partner with local vendors to support event: decor, entertainment, marketing, giveaways, etc.

Small Business will:

  • Work with Coll It Entertaining to spread the word about event through social media and marketing channels

  • Provide give-away, samples or coupon to entice customers to become repeat customers

  • Introduce self to guests, providing them with a glimpse of what the business means to them

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