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Coll It Small Details: How Small Home Upgrades Make A Huge Impact

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Have you ever felt like you wanted to dive into a home project, but weren't sure where to begin? When we purchased our home, I was being called to do something with our upstairs hallway but wasn't sure where to start. I began by pinpointing what I didn't like about it.

That list included:

  • The old, plain bedroom and bathroom doors

  • The gold bedroom and bathroom doorknobs

  • The dark hallway

  • The ceiling light fixture

I realized that with a little paint and some small touches to the doors, I could really transform the upstairs hallway and brighten my spirits every time I had to walk to the bathroom.

Hallway Paint

We already had our Ruggable runner, so we pulled from that and choose the color Permafrost by Behr for the walls and a bright white for the ceiling.

Hallway Accent Wall

I wanted to highlight the wall at the end of the hallway, without being able to add an accent table, due to the way the bathroom door swings out. I decided to try using removable wallpaper. I ended up choosing: Scott Living 30.75-sq ft Blue Green Vinyl Ivy/Vines Self-Adhesive Peel and Stick Wallpaper.

  • For this project we only needed one roll, but we purchased more as we used this for a different bedroom project.

  • Tip: When purchasing multiple rolls, make sure the skew # on the back (by the barcode) matches. Otherwise the rolls won't match up when you have to start a new one.

Hallway Ceiling Light Fixture

We wanted to utilize the electrical that was already present, so we found another flush mount light that fit the silver color scheme and installed that in place of the older fixture. We ended up purchasing from Amazon: YaoKuem Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture, E26 Medium Base, Metal Housing (Nickel Finish)

Bedroom/Bathroom Door Trim

I saw on Tik Tok that someone had taken trim and added it to the face of their doors to make them look more modern. I called my sister and said, I think we can do that! So we did.

Step 1: Measure door to determine where you want the trim to go, utilizing the same width on the left and right.

Step 2: Purchase the wood (we went to HomeDepot). You may need to cut them down in the store to fit in your vehicle.

Step 3: Cut the wood to size. The hardest part for us was determining the 45 degree cuts for the ends to allow the rectangles to come together. I would suggest cutting one full door and then using that as your guide for the remaining.

Step 4: Wood glue trim to door in proper placement and then use nail gun to fully secure trim.

Step 5: Fill in holes with wood putty.

Step 6: Paint entire door (including trim) to create seamless look.

Bedroom/Bathroom Doorknobs

These were an easy fix. We purchased black matte knobs from Amazon and removed the old ones ourselves and replaced with these: Amazon Basics AB-DH542-MB, Matte Black Bedroom/Bathroom Doorknob With Lock, Round. Crazy what a small color change can do to change up the space!

Hallway Decor

A friend gifted me two Lindsay Letter paintings, but the space felt like it needed 3 images. My sister had the idea to take a swatch of wallpaper and using that for the middle artwork.

Lindsay Letters: Island Storm & Blue Crush:

Lastly, we added our Ruggable runner! This one is the 2.5' x 10' Hendesi Heriz Abalone Rug.

Follow on for more design updates!


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